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[SCHWEP10] Acid Pathologie by Très bien ++

[SCHWEP10] Très bien ++ Acid Pathologie

Released in October 2013 at , free download

On ne sait pas bien ce que c’est, on comprend que ça a un goût fort et que c’est bien dégueulasse et c’est bien de ça dont il s’agit!
Très Bien ++ puise son inspiration dans un recoin sombre de son cerveau reptilien et vous la sert fraîche, dans son 1èr EP pour Schwa Records, sur base de sonorités analogiques et poussiéreuses à la sauce Acid.

You don’t know what it is but it is definitely a double entendre, you get a strong taste and it’s quite disgusting.
And this is what it’s all about!
Très Bien ++ draws his inspiration from a dark corner of his reptilian brain and delivers it fresh on his first dusty analogue flavoured EP with his own Acid Sauce

01-Ganglion Inflammatoire
02-Acid n.5
03-Jus d’Ombre
04-Le Syndrome
Music by Très bien ++
Artwork by Très bien ++, Krusty and Julie

Download from website:
Published by Schwa! Records using a Creative Commons License.

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[SCHWEP09] Hay Lane by Two.Seconds.Per.Sonar

“Threshold of Consciousness” video by Two.Seconds.Per.Sonar from PiERRERADUA on Vimeo.

All tracks written, recorded and produced by Jack Fletcher
Additional performers:
Luke Macfadian – cello
John Byford – trumpet
Richard Taylor – Lasborough field recording, pots pans and other kitchen ustensils!
Cover art by Alice Fletcher

“Time and Tide” is based on music originally composed for a short film of the same name, it appears here by the kind permission of Dominic Channing-Williams and Helen Bently. If you wish to watch the original film (and I strongly suggest you do!) it can be found here:

I would like to say a quick thank you to Fred Schwa for putting out this ep and for being so patient in waiting for it. I would also like to thank those that helped me work on it; Alice for her wonderful artwork; Luke, John and Richard for providing me with more sounds to chop up; Dom and Helen for allowing me to use an extract from their short film “time and tide”; Luke Smith, Jamie, Andy, Olie  and Bridge for giving me feedback on all my tracks, your opinions mean a lot!; Thanks to Mum and Dad, this ep was originally written as a christmas present for them, the fond memories of growing up with them in Gorton Cottage, Hay Lane is what inspired all the music on this record : )



Click on one of the pictures below to download it as a Zip file:






[SCHWEP08] Tribu by Tepui

Tepui is a band that aims to raise awareness on environment preservation. Tepui’s live performances combine visuals and music, broadcasting environmental messages.

Tepui has been running for 5 years or so. Originally this project was started by Juan Garcia during his stay in Europe. On his return to Venezuela Tepui expanded through various collaborations: Pedro Espinoza, Magnus Garmendia, Christopher Salvatierra, Charles Martinez, Andrew Sequera,Master Diego, Valentina Álvarez graphic design and photography, Laura Prado in photography.

Tepui’s style can be described as a fusion of Downtempo, funk, psychedelic,Bossanova, dub and ambient, among others. It is influenced by bands such as Pink Floyd, Bonobo, DJ Shadow, Boards of Canada, Future Sound of London, Mad Professor, Beastie Boys,and so on. this musical project is also influenced by sounds from the nature, Native American music and other sounds of different ethnicities in the world…

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[SCHWEP07] Scarf Face- Let them eat cake

Scarf Face’s first EP on Schwa! records is a collection of soulful plunderphonics tracks created over the last 5 years whilst he has been moving between Bristol, Leeds and Brighton.

Most of the sounds in the music come from old records, giving it a dense and lush collage of sounds, with tracks varying from twee pastoral soundscapes to more melodramatic compositions.


  1. Harpsong
  2. Scope Quartet
  3. Bittersweet
  4. Giant Elizabethan Robots Invade Steyning
  5. Yourheadisthesoftestpartofyourbody featuring Thrillionaire
  6. Elm Grove
  7. Latin Mess
  8. Lonesome
  9. Midnight Oil
  10. Particle featuring Jimmy fragment

All tracks by Scarf Face. All tracks mastered by Maximilian Mathowsky Artwork by Axel

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[SCHWEP06] Massiv Culturism by Maximilian Mathowsky

[SCHWEP06] Maximilian Mathowsky – Massiv Culturism (released April 19th)

Massiv Culturism is Maximilian Mathowsky’s first EP, expect Stomping Beats like his Hammer!.“El guerriero stromboso” develops here his unique blend of steroid-boosted Hip-Hop,”Bastard Hop”, as he calls it. A mix of outstanding production skills combined with a heavy sense of groove and a hint of humour.

01-Massiv Culturism
02-Squizzy Winky
03-Ultimate Warrior
04-Peace Maker
05-Plastron 95
06-Game play

Click on one of the pictures below to download the EP as zip file:

SCHWEP06-Maximilian Mathowsky-Massiv Culturism

[SCHWEP04] Tubéreuse by Q squared

“Tubéreuse” is Q Squared’s first EP after years doodling with electronic music. He featured on few compilations and was part of the One Man Army Records rooster. He played at a few nights around Bristol, Manchester, Berlin and Caracas. He is also the half of Andromede, a collaboration project with Lastra Pink. This EP is a collection of tracks created between 2009 and 2011, contradiction is the best word to describe his music: vintage and contemporary, hard and soft, sweet and sour…



2-Numbers Magic

3-Smell Auf*

4-Pazan (remix)**


Click on one of the pictures below to download it:

[SCHWEP03] Daydreamer by Vertical67

After two albums for irish netlabel Acroplane, some contributions for some compilations and some remixes, Berlin’s Vertical67’s new 8-tracker “Daydreamer” for Schwa! Records features mostly tracks comin out of jamsessions with hardwaresynths and TR-606 and some other bits created under the influence of chocolate cookies, sunshine and other nice things. Includes a remix by Volitune.


01_Awaiting This Moment
02_Sunday Afternoon Jam
04_Cosmic Falafel


08_Awaiting This Moment (Volitune Remix)

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[SCHWEP01] MACKA – Urban Nature is out on our releases page!

check it out!


1.Bubblegum Dub
2.China Glaze
6.The Angry Woodcutter
7.NFQ-Phases de la Luna (Macka Remix)

Urban Nature by Macka SCHWEP01Urban Nature back artwork


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