Tepui is a band that aims to raise awareness on environment preservation. Tepui’s live performances combine visuals and music, broadcasting environmental messages.

Tepui has been running for 5 years or so. Originally this project was started by Juan Garcia during his stay in Europe. On his return to Venezuela Tepui expanded through various collaborations: Pedro Espinoza, Magnus Garmendia, Christopher Salvatierra, Charles Martinez, Andrew Sequera,Master Diego, Valentina Álvarez graphic design and photography, Laura Prado in photography.

Tepui’s style can be described as a fusion of Downtempo, funk, psychedelic,Bossanova, dub and ambient, among others. It is influenced by bands such as Pink Floyd, Bonobo, DJ Shadow, Boards of Canada, Future Sound of London, Mad Professor, Beastie Boys,and so on. this musical project is also influenced by sounds from the nature, Native American music and other sounds of different ethnicities in the world. ..



[SCHWEP08] Tribu  Click on the picture below to download it as a Zip file: