“Macka’s stomping breakbeats and bloated, aggy basslines combine with a taste for field recording and a fine sense of mischief to make some of the most off-kilter 140 bpm bangers you’ll hear anywhere. His tunes tread a fine line between Joker’s ‘Purple Wow’ sound and out-and-out bassline anarchy, watch out for the Shakespeare quotes…”

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under the flight path


Urban Nature by Macka SCHWEP01[SCHWEP01] MACKA-Urban Nature,

Macka’s first EP on Schwa records is a subtle

blend of classical and modern music elements, contrasting

Urban and Natural soundscapes, where Bouncy Bass Lines

and Orchestral elements are combined to create Macka’s

unique blend of Dubstep! Click the link below to download it:

[SCHWEP01] MACKA-Urban Nature