Andromede is a collaboration between two electronic artists: Lastra Pink and Q Squared. They produce and perform progressive electronic music for the dance-floor, combining elements from various musical genres, both electronic and acoustic. Influences include Jungle, Electronica, Pink Floyd, Gipsy Music, Break-Beat and Electro resulting in a unique musical journey enhanced by live visual projections. Their performances consist of various audio-visual manipulations with laptops, controllers, effects and sometimes collaboration with musicians and singers. Andromede began producing in Bristol (UK) 2006, performing at various local nights such as Plummet, Boggle, Ruffneck Diskotek and Glitch Night. They went on to perform for wider audiences at legends in Manchester, Rock Paper Scissor and Hasenland in Berlin . In 2007, Andromede relocated to Venezuela to concentrate on their live act and record an EP. Since 2009 Andromede are concentrating on their solo projects, since Q squared returned in France, but a new album can be expected on Schwa! records this year.

Funky acid Shit