0=1 formed in 2001 when both realised that they have similar interests and backgrounds: being born and raised in the Eastern part of Berlin,
they took the plunge into the deep waters of computer technologies such as Commodore Amiga500, when the Wall came down.
They were inspired by different demos and completely stunned by the arts and music of `Cracktros´.
They helplessly fell in love with electronic sounds – especially `Acid´. Back then, they didn’t know that the term `Acid´ even existed.
Soon, they developed a strong affection for synthetic sounds and analogue synthesis. Filter sweeps, sinusoidal waves and particularly frequency modulation
were main reasons to buy large numbers of analogue synthesisers and drum machines.
This did happen even before the VST plugin age in the middle of the 1990ies.
Gradually, their equipment was complemented by various apparatuses: a mixing console, tape echoes, valve amplifiers, analogue sequencers, vocoders,
flangers and other effect devices. Early works are characterised by abstract stuff and noise-music. Tracking 0=1´s live gigs and sessions,
it seems to be their resolution to combine, generate and control sounds without a computer.
The only reason to use a Powerbook is a smooth flow while producing new tracks. Instead of using their Akai S-3000XL sampler, they find it rather efficient
to do the arrangements with programmes like Cubase.

Latest Tracks: