“Threshold of Consciousness” video by Two.Seconds.Per.Sonar from PiERRERADUA on Vimeo.

All tracks written, recorded and produced by Jack Fletcher
Additional performers:
Luke Macfadian – cello
John Byford – trumpet
Richard Taylor – Lasborough field recording, pots pans and other kitchen ustensils!
Cover art by Alice Fletcher http://www.alicefletcher.co.uk

“Time and Tide” is based on music originally composed for a short film of the same name, it appears here by the kind permission of Dominic Channing-Williams and Helen Bently. If you wish to watch the original film (and I strongly suggest you do!) it can be found here: http://vimeo.com/26063399

I would like to say a quick thank you to Fred Schwa for putting out this ep and for being so patient in waiting for it. I would also like to thank those that helped me work on it; Alice for her wonderful artwork; Luke, John and Richard for providing me with more sounds to chop up; Dom and Helen for allowing me to use an extract from their short film “time and tide”; Luke Smith, Jamie, Andy, Olie  and Bridge for giving me feedback on all my tracks, your opinions mean a lot!; Thanks to Mum and Dad, this ep was originally written as a christmas present for them, the fond memories of growing up with them in Gorton Cottage, Hay Lane is what inspired all the music on this record : )

Contact: twosecondspersonar@hotmail.co.uk


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