Scarf Face’s first EP on Schwa! records is a collection of soulful plunderphonics tracks created over the last 5 years whilst he has been moving between Bristol, Leeds and Brighton.

Most of the sounds in the music come from old records, giving it a dense and lush collage of sounds, with tracks varying from twee pastoral soundscapes to more melodramatic compositions.


  1. Harpsong
  2. Scope Quartet
  3. Bittersweet
  4. Giant Elizabethan Robots Invade Steyning
  5. Yourheadisthesoftestpartofyourbody featuring Thrillionaire
  6. Elm Grove
  7. Latin Mess
  8. Lonesome
  9. Midnight Oil
  10. Particle featuring Jimmy fragment

All tracks by Scarf Face. All tracks mastered by Maximilian Mathowsky Artwork by Axel

Click on one of the pictures below to download it as a Zip file: