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HIMURO YOSHITERU has a remarkable ability to sculpt sweet melodies and weave them into intricate beats.

He’s based in Tokyo and has had a number of releases on labels such as File Records(JP), Couchblip(AUS), Zod Records(US),Invitro(FR) and his own label TaNGRaM DiSK.

His releases are mostly within the electronic music genres of drum and bass, electronica, hip hop, and IDM, with a significant jazz influence. His style is often described in the media as very playful. It is comprised of finely chopped, fast rhythms in combination with jazzy bass and bleepy synthesizer lines and 8bit sounds (like video game music). In this area he is one of the prominent Japanese musicians of this time.

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01-die everyday

02-live fast and die slow

03-never ending childhood

04-planet dizzy

Music by Himuro Yoshiteru

Artwork by Axel

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